"Spike" and "Wally" rubber suction cup razors

'Spike' and 'Wally' rubber
suction cup razors.

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"Cutting edge art... it actually looks as good as it shaves!"  
  Men's Health Magazine, USA

'Spike' Rubber Suction Cup Razor
Molded out of rubber, the base of 'Spike' flairs out into a suction cup. His body bends and flexes in your hand, and when your done with him, just pop'em up on the shower wall. Always within easy reach, he's a blast to have hanging around. He uses slide on style blades such as Hoke2 and Gillette Trac ll.

• Included in The Smithsonian's Permanent Design Collection

'Wally' Rubber Suction Cup Razor

As soon as you lift 'Wally' from his suction cup hanger, you'll notice how his smoothly curved shape fits perfectly in your hand. The nonslip wetgrip handle is molded out of solid rubber that flexes and bends as it glides across the most intricate contours of your skin.

• Included in The Smithsonian Permanent Design Collection
 Recipient of Germany's prestigious 'Design Plus Award'